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The methodology used to assess the various cable Categories and types remained consistent. Thermocouples were positioned within the cable bundles to measure:

  • The ambient temperature around the test fixture.
  • The temperature rise across the bundle.
  • The temperature rise of the surface of the bundle above ambient

During our experimentation the test configurations included:

  • Cables in free space
  • Cables installed in open cable tray
  • Cables installed in conduit
  • Cables installed in sealed conduit
  • Cables transiting “Simulated Fire Stops”

This development work has concluded that the key considerations to minimize power loss through the cable component of the infrastructure are:

1. Optimising conductor diameter

2. Increasing the available cable surface area (Diameter)

3. Incorporating where appropriate cable screeing

4. Installation methodology:

  • Bundling Limitations
  • Sub-Grouping of Bundles and;
  • Spacing of Bundles wherever possible