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Linkz’s PoE Development

Summary and Recommendations

The range of Linkz Structured Cabling cables have been optimized to ensure compliance with the latest Draft National and International Standards of IEC, TIA and CENELEC. Specific designs have been established for UL listed LP products.

As a result of similar testing the Working Groups within IEC, CENELEC and TIA have developed a series of mathematical models which can be used to accurately predict the temperature rise a specific bundle of cables within a particular environment is likely to realize in practice.

In developing PoE solutions for 100W applications the IEEE has remained cognizant of the fact that any solution has to be Energy Efficient. Linkz interprets this requirement as providing cable solutions whereby the Power Drop or losses created over the length of cable installed have to be minimized.

Minimizing Power Drop (loss) ultimately flies in the face of recent industry practice whereby cable producers have been under pressure to produce minimally compliant cables with the small conductor sizes possible.

PoE is D.C. power therefore the resistive losses from the conductor can easily be assessed as they follow simple Ohms Law. Power and therefore Power Lost is derived from the equation P = I2R where R is represented by the conductor resistance. Basically it fallows that the smaller the conductor diameter the higher the conductor resistance therefore minimally compliant Category 5e or Category 6 cable products should be treated with a degree of suspicion.

Equally small diameter cables present a smaller surface area to volume ration and are therefore less efficient at dissipating heat than larger cables. Our testing has demined that no significant advantage can be gained through changing the cable outer sheath material from e.g. PVC to LSZH. The same cable with only a sheath material change exhibits the same current carrying capability.

Linkz cable products have been evaluated using the requirements set out within IEC 29125 and the draft TIA 184A documents and consistently perform beyond the standards. Linkz International recommends:

1. Category 6A cables (for future installations the installation)

2. Category 5e and Category 6 cables for legacy installation (< 60Watts) and expansions.

3. Screening of individual cables

4. Maintaining bundle sizes to 24 cables Maximum during installation

5. Using multiple groups of 24 cables for more densely populated installations.

6. Spacing of cables and cable bundles wherever possible.

Linkz provides a design and Development Service to assist its clients develop bespoke cable solutions to meet the most demanding PoE applications.

Contact the team at Linkz for more information.