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PoE Application

The traditional applications for PoE were within the enterprise market where structured cabling was largely the infrastructure of choice.

Today however PoE solutions are under development for deployment in a whole range of applications including:

  • Automotive
  • Transportation (Trucks, Buses, Trains, Ships and Aircraft)
  • General Industrial including M2M

The deployment in these new areas will involve a single pair cable structure carrying up to 1Gigabit of data whilst simultaneously carrying 1 Amp of current

In particular the 1 pair Ethernet developments have been driven by the automotive industry and solutions are already being planned into next generation high end vehicles. This Ethernet solution leads to a simplification of traditional diagnostic, sensing and infotainment sub-systems. Equally, the solution reduces the volume of cables installed within a vehicle resulting in better fuel economy and environmental benefits. Linkz has already produced its first prototype 1 pair cables which are under evaluation by leading industry OEM’s.